It’s been busy


Orange Cauliflower is a win!


Meanwhile, Jae made Coffee Cherry Ice Cream – we got the coffee cherries from a roaster’s in Ireland. It’s a full fat cream custard ice cream. Although it tastes pleasantly like caramel, especially with the sea salt she added, it doesn’t taste like coffee.



Now, this morning I made a batch of vegan smoked coconut Gouda cheez using this recipe. It was quick, easy and I can’t wait to taste it, lol. The recipe states that this is a great cheez for melting, baking and tasting, so tonight we’re trying the cauliflower base pizza. It’ll be entirely vegan, minus the chicken topping. What can I say, it’s the small victories.  The cheez does, in fact, taste like a smokey Gouda- it’s really good!

Notes on the cheez:
I did some substituting with ingredients I had on hand and I wanted to share them here:

  • 1/2 t. vegemite, marmite or vegan worcestershire sauce – I used worcestershire sauce
  • 2 T. agar powder or 8 T. of agar agar flakes (the powder is much more concentrated) – I used 2T tapioca starch
  • 2 T. potato starch, cornstarch or arrowroot – I used cornstarch
  • 1 t. xanthan gum – I used 3T ground each of ground chia seeds and flax meal

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