Frothing at the Soul

If you’re ever in a snit, go shovel a mound of something heavy. After an hour, re-assess how you feel. It certainly turned my day around.
jan22wa003 jan22wa002

You can see the “watermark” on the bottom photograph. I’ve made a perceptible difference in the wild area, but it’s going to take many long hours to fully excavate and build it up. I’m grateful for the help of my friend’s kids when we can get together.  They recently (last week) signed up. They want to help and it’s a good arrangement. There’s 3 of them! and they’re each excellent children. I’m helping them prepare a portfolio of this endeavor as if it were a professional project.

I’m reading a book called “Beautiful You” by Rosie Molinary. It’s a day by day guide to ‘radical self acceptance’. I was introduced to it by my friend. I’m not going to share the exercises here but it seems like a pretty amazing way to positively rebuild your psyche in a year.  Hopefully you’ll see that change in my writing as much as any review I may give it.

I’m also reading a story called “I Will Survive: My Fight with the Big C” By Bernice Swann. She’s an excellent writer. I’ll review it when I’m finished reading it.

I also stumbled across Map My Tracks Google app. It’s ramped up my anxiety terribly to be so nakedly and consciously exposed to a corporate entity. I take comfort in the fact that I’m not that interesting and the geeky pleasure of having a visual guide to my treks which is encouraging me to go further and faster and more often.


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