A study in January

Today has been a red letter day – The sun is shining, the skies are brilliant, the temperature is mild AND the pumpkin was interested in going outside to play. We bundled up and headed into the wild area to begin our excavation. We studied worms and chased potato bugs. we shoveled and shoveled and shifted dirt and made a nearly perceptible dent. 2 years old is proving to be super awesome, despite having to carefully navigate the big feelings.

As our time wound down we stripped our feet bare and plunged our toes deep into the freshly turned earth. “COLD!” cried my pumpkin with excitement and distaste – as only a toddler can.
I agreed and as he ran away to amuse himself yelling at worms I felt my toes go instantly numb against the wet heavy clay dirt. I registered the freezing wet travel up my pant leg as the heat of the sun licked along my back. I felt the insects scurry out from under my weight and the fungus and bacteria breath the barest hint of heat against my self in acknowledgement of kin.  I tasted salt and change shifting in alternating currents on the wind, ushered in with bird songs. Crow, Robin, Chickadee and Seagull each attended in loud abandon. I breathed a deep breath of release and soaked in the precious few moments of zen.

“All done, backyard, Mummy!”


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