Plan interruptions

What the hell has been going on?

I’ve been weening myself away from social media because I’m processing a lot of less pleasant emotions. Transitioning. Nothing beats painful personal growth to temper the sweetness of life. I have been keeping myself busy by devoting myself to counting my breathing, crocheting gifts and decorations, teaching the kiddo about the season changes.

There is some intense sweetness in parenting. The kiddo and I are starting to really get to know each other. We’ve been listening to bird calls and examining itty mushrooms that seem to have blossomed everywhere. His remarks on all of the things he is observing around him are brilliant and kind. I love to hear his voice.

To bring it back on topic, the idea is that, lately every act I engage in has become a sort of meditation. A way to not be trumpeted and buffeted into feeling any particular way unless I choose to experience it. It’s a good place for the time being as I stew over my long term goals.

Lastly, what a blessing my yarden has been. There is no geekier pleasure than to physically reap the visual and nutritional gifts from outside. Now my vines are all filling with fruit. Squashlettes, full squash, pumpkins and re-growth on my cabbage stalks. I’m waiting for the opportunity to get out there and work on cleaning it up and turning over the compost, adding some fertilizer via local chickens and livestock.

Have a delightful Samhain, friends.


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