I often wonder if I sold my car to save my life.

The idealism was to abandon my fossil fuel machine for a truly sustainable mode of transportation; my legs.

The reality is: Terrible transportation infrastructure and really difficult travel arrangements between Tacoma and Seattle.

I have access to a vehicle to get to work on the weekends because a trip to work 35 miles away takes 2.5 hours and stomach sickening detours. Why not work closer to home? I’m in the process of making that a reality.

My community supports me on many occasions by meeting me much closer to home or flat out picking me up. I’m working on getting bicycle riding fit to make this less and less necessary, but I love the love.

The Silver Lining: I really plan my trips and evaluate the energy and love teaching my son that mass transportation is the key to moving long distances. Walking is a normal way to get from point A to point B within 5 miles.

The philosophical: I wonder if underneath all that heartfelt hippy rage, I was really trying to save my life. Force myself to become healthier and to give myself time to think through problems without resorting to a 10 minute smoking break. It’s been lovely to get to know the seasons in the intimate way that I had longed for.  It’s also given me some confidence in myself, physically.

It seems to me that I am making progress towards my new years goal of living more closely inline with my stated principles. One baby step at a time.


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