Peeling back the layers

Where IS everyone? home after dark, no curfew enforcement needed. I know in many cases (including my own), it’s because of exhaustion from the daily routine. In some cases it’s fear of the unknown and in some cases …other. It’s creating a drive within me to find a way to be social in the evenings or at least one night a week…or every other week. My mate knows that I’d gladly have a night with the kiddo if that means she’ll go play for an evening. She’s waiting until we can find a caregiver for our kiddo for a few hours. I’m suggesting we start organizing family friendly events and crossing our fingers that the stars align JUUUST so…it’s hard to be social in this society. Isn’t that funny? I think it’s manufactured to be that way…this is my electronic sandwich board. Plus, is it really naive to believe that instant sexual attraction can lead to long lasting relationship? No, really. I’m wondering. I absolutely believe that a long lasting relationship can lead to sexual attraction.


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