A beautiful day in the neighborhood

I’m trying not to be dramatic because the topics are dramatic enough, pardon me – this is an unusual space for me.

First, I want to say that I had the sweetest Mabon circle this evening with a few of the most wonderful women of my life. I made a chilli and I made a failed plum upsidedown cake. LOL. I swear, life half the pintrest fails you see floating around are mine. But it was tasty for all that. 

It’s been interesting to note some insecurities arose which I hadn’t forseen. I had an anxiety attack that my wife may leave me once transitioned. In her defense, she’s been a loving and devoted mate our entire relationship. But, there is an undeniable appeal to starting fresh with someone who only knows this fresher you. I talked to her about this and it did a lot to soothe my own fears and insecurities. She made some excellent points that the anxiety swings both ways and so we comforted each other and practiced some care.

I keep getting asked, “How are YOU doing with this?” I have to shrug. I love Jae. I will love her in any form. She and I fit each other in a way that is worth honoring. There is power in that. So, we move forward.

Where do we begin? I am not sure but I’m going to follow the advice of my friend and try not to go off  “all half-cocked like you normally do.”  He loves me. I’m his favorite problem child.



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