Love on a Lazy Summer Afternoon

Thickly, the drop of air moves through the apple juice in your bottle, turned upside down.

a jagged dark circle slowly expanding across the mattress sheet. Your deep sigh immediately erases any frustration I may have felt. The sweet sound of you rhythmically sucking your tongue imprints itself on my heart. As you teeter on the edge of being a toddler,  2 years old – and leaving infancy behind in a real and meaningful way, you constantly blow my mind with your intuition and puzzle solving. 

These days are built for testing our limits and each others limits. To understand who we are and learn about one another. Here’s to building a bond that will last a lifetime. Here’s to remembering to lead through example. Here’s to listening to you, the words you use, the words you don’t and the way you say it. 

I love you.


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